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Our office hours are:


Monday to Thursday 

10:00 am - 5:00 pm



10:00 am - 2:00 pm


For appointments please call:

+ 43 699 100 819 98


For us childcare is not a job, it is a calling!


As a parent you are entrusting us with your biggest treasure, your child. We are aware of that and we take this responsibility very seriously. Early childhood is the most crucial time in life.

Therefore, we have developed a concept consisting of proven and innovative methods like:

Montessori, ''RSW'' by Sommer-Stumpenhorst, ''Lernspirale'' by Dr. Klippert, ''Stationenarbeit'', ''Bewegtes Lernen'', learning languages by ''Immersion'' (Immersionsmethode), Music by Colourstrings, including others.


Today’s society requires, besides extraordinary academic skills, also emotional intelligence, social competence, self-governance, and team and intercultural competence. Our goal is to educate an individual that is aware of his strengths and weaknesses and is able to manage his life in the most profitable way and live a successful, balanced and joyful life.


All these characteristics are seen in our students and alumni, and we continually receive great feedback about them from different institutions we cooperate with.


In our years of experience in the field of child care and education, our biggest reward is seeing the children prosper. We believe that every child is a gift from God that needs to be cherished, encouraged, and carefully guided.


We are located in the heart of Vienna (1st district), alongside of one of the most beautiful parks in the inner city, which our children enjoy every day!


You are welcome to come and see for yourself!

Service From The Heart!

Internationale Vorschule & Hort

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